Saturday, 26 March 2011

Kawaii web site for inspiration.

Today I while browsing I have found this cute web site and discovered an interesting designer Ivan Ricci. Liked very much his paper craft in Kawaii style. I liked that all of his work has one style thats exactly what I would like to have. In my opinion one of the most important things for artist is to have his own recognisable and unique style.  His web site is quite appealing, have a look here.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Inspirationfull blog for my future illustrations for Puffin book!

I've found this blog while making a research for my dissertation: why do girls like Pink!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Brand identity by MADEINHAUS for Chad Allen Magic

I love photography and typographical solution by Madeinhaus. The branding looks magical and modern. Madeinhaus is a digital centric design and production studio situated in Los Angeles. Have a look at their portfolio.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Careers workshop notes


Bullet points
Highlight important things .
Previous positions are important.
Avoid italics and decorative fonts.
Arial is the best.
Education and experience in reverse order.
Contacts  - phone number must be accessible.
No email of current employer.
Don’t leave gaps in timeline  - they will ask what I was doing then.
Even if traveling - must be put in.
Education and experience are most important.
Timelines must be correct.
Don’t overlap positions.
Hobbies and skills in the end.
Added value projects must be put in in the end.
Date of birth is not necessary.
Probably better not.
No company’s logos.
Don’t expose yourself too much to avoid discrimination.
Careful about photos because of discrimination.
Better not put marital status too. 
They are not allowed to ask if you are married or how old so better not say to avoid discrimination.
Cover Letter:
Why you will be suitable candidate. Not long and not generic.
Say what you good at.
Don’t lie.
Study your CV before you sent it. You must know it!
Follow up application with a phone call - shows your interest in the position.
Or make sure you didn’t end up in spam.
In education is good to put only year.
In experience month and year.
Must think how you will be judged.
Experience - main responsibilities, specific, with bullet points.
Personal Data, Location is ok.
Education: year and name of school and maybe specific subject
Professional experience: name of the company highlighted.
Position highlighted.
Language skills.
Hobbies, interests.
No big name. Small name.
8-30 seconds they look at CV.
Impress with experience. Don’t design to avoid premature judging.
It is business document.
To be late for interview is really bad.
Take phone number of the person who you are going to see.
Check address.
Don’t come too early.
10 minutes early is cool.
Ask who you are going to see - especially if the company is big.
10% is what you say 90% how you look.
No revealing clothes.
No strong perfume and makeup.
Check companies financial state - expanding or downsizing.
What they do.
Major competitors.
What you can offer them - must be prepared to answer.
Asking questions is good - shows your interest.
Don’t forget to thank for the invitation.
! Agree on the next steps.
What are strengths and weaknesses  - 3 each prepare to say.
Don’t make anything up.
Example: too detail orientated : weakness that is not bad.
They want to se self-reflection.
Prepare questions about the company.
Why do you want to work for us - show you know about company.
Why should we chose you - highlight your unique points.
Personal qualities.
Salary expectations.
Prepare in advance. Ask others. 
Possible to reconsider because of benefits.
Would like to get this money but willing to negotiate.
And something from Gavin:
40% design jobs is found through word of mouth.
Expand your network, ask for connections, get introduced.
English speaking is important.
Australia largest english speaking country in Asia. A lot of marketing and ads for asia is coming from Australia.
Biggest design locations New York, London and Melbourne.
2 million design jobs are predicted in EU in the next ?10? years, big part of which is 
Must know technical stuff and processes.

(copyrighted by Kaatya Kelly)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Moments Between - Episode 1: Japan

Very nice video, I like children's' outfit at 0.51 so cute =^_^=

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Book binders in Prague

Today were went to the book binder to discuss the possibilities of book binding.
I was thinking about hardcover book binding for my planner.

Beautiful collaging!

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