Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Character design process

Megha Davalath Reel 2010 from Megha Davalath on Vimeo.

Character design for everyone

Character Design with KAWS from BlackLake on Vimeo.

Nice concept for character design

Cookie character design visualisation from Robert Hellmundt on Vimeo.

3D animated character, his eyes are awesome!

Character Design Turntable from Pooya Gharahgozli on Vimeo.

I guess this is close to what i am suppose to create for Life Projects class.

Beautiful and inventive character design.

Mothership from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

Food animation sample, i didn't want to animate food because it is mostly used in TV commercials. Apple puree is hilarious!

American Greetings "Pocket Plates" from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

Beautiful colours! Children will definitely love popping balloons and cute dancing hedgehog.

Baskin Robbins "America's Birthday Cake" from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

character design samples :-)

PANASONIC 3D TV from Mark Gmehling on Vimeo.

Beautiful detailed 2D animation reminds me of Turner W. drawings.

The Beatles Rockband Outro from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

nice surrealistic video

Out Of A Forest from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

I like how the moon light is colder that the bulb light, small but well-considered detail.

Monday, 22 November 2010

About Pixar Animation Studios (source):

It makes sense that he’d be in charge of the continuing education of everyone who works for Pixar. They offer classes to all of their employees, no matter what department they’re in, on all aspects of filmmaking. The theory is that they want everyone in the building to understand exactly what it is that the company does, so they can all appreciate the main goals of Pixar. The Pixar University building sits right next to the main animation building, joined by the pool and bordered by the soccer field. It’s a sixteen-acre property, just big enough that when you’re there, it’s all you can see, even though the Emeryville City Hall sits at the far end of the same block.


This animation won Pixarpedia animation competition in 2009.
It took 6 month to draw each frame. The winner had a chance
to visit Pixar animation studious in San Francisco!

"Winnie the Pooh" Official Trailer

Yuhoo hooo!

Inspired very much with Toby Shelton's work and his detailed blog where he tells what is he working on and gives advices very useful for character designers and illustrators. He is the one who draw Panda from Kung-Fu Panda cartoon and many more! So inspired, going to Starbucks to grab some coffee and work work work, yup yup :-)
Snoopy iPad decal looks so stylish and cute! Thanks to black and white combination it doesn't look childish.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cool blog where you can find everything related to character design :-)

Day and Night by Pixar

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Meatballs is the film adapted from the children’s book written by Judi Barrett.The story is clever and engaging. The illustration is beautiful and I liked the it's style. Mostly I liked the way figures were drawn.
One of the illustrators is Pete Oswald who designed characters and even posters for Flint's (lead character) room! He was also a designer who created Alex lion and all hippos from Madagaskar 2.

Friday, 12 November 2010

I am thinking whether i like or not new design of sharing buttons panel. They pop out when you put cursor over them, which is kind of nice. But it is quite unreadable and confusing, and I didn't spot my favourite Facebook first time I looked at it. It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what's there. I would say Blogger is not visible at all, and if we will need to add one more orange logo it will make things more complicated. The way that they are arranged by colour is nice (notice warm colours are at the right sight and cold colours are at the left, just like artists palette). I would conclude this way: I would not use it for my web page. Logo/link should be visible!

Today i was looking for some inspiration in Elle UK, and I found stunning Miu Miu fall/winter 2010 ad campaign. The make up is what I liked about it! So fresh approach and wonderful, clean, innocent colours looked so good on pale skin of the models. So juicy and stands out from all smoky eyes and vampire looks. Loooove fresh colours! Winter should be bright, white and juicy fresh!
To compare and to understand what I am talking about simply to go any clothing shop around you place, you will be depressed with all these grey and khaki stuff in the store.
Mr Incredible's son Dash from The Incredibles is number 2nd in my list of the best cartoon characters. He is incredible because he can run faster than human eye can see. He is one of the funnies and cutest characters in the movie. When he had to fight agains the bad guys he finds out that he can run on the water and many more unexpected abilities, and each time he finds out what he is able to do, he does happy 'Yuhoo!'.
5 out of 5 for this character and the movie from Pixar.

The other day I was about to research 'Who is your favourite cartoon character?', and I asked myself same question. In fact it is impossible to answer this question. Each cartoon character is a part of you in some way.
For sure Tommy from rugrets is on my list of best. He is one of the characters who teaches kids to be honest and polite. But very first time I watched the cartoon it didn't look appealing to me. I think it could have been drawn more neatly, because the plot is very nice. And Steven Spielberg thinks same, he referred to Rugrats as one of several shows that are the best children's programming at the time. The Rugrats has star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that means we are not the only two who love them.
I feel nostalgic when i see old Nickelodeon logo. It was one of the first logos that I fell in love with. My favourite combination of bright colour and white. Simply the best. Also, in my opinion old font is more childish and capital 'N' is the other thing I missed. Sorry designer of new logo for Nickelodeon, but I like the old one more.

Since I am woking on a creation a lead character for my Live Projects and Competitions class I am watching all the cartoons I haven't seen yet. I am happy that I have chosen this project! Everyday there is something incredible coming out to watch!
Day and Night is the latest short film from Pixar. Loved it, just like everything from Pixar. There is always something to learn and be inspired with. And don't forget that Toy Story 3 is coming in 3D soon!

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