Friday, 12 November 2010

Today i was looking for some inspiration in Elle UK, and I found stunning Miu Miu fall/winter 2010 ad campaign. The make up is what I liked about it! So fresh approach and wonderful, clean, innocent colours looked so good on pale skin of the models. So juicy and stands out from all smoky eyes and vampire looks. Loooove fresh colours! Winter should be bright, white and juicy fresh!
To compare and to understand what I am talking about simply to go any clothing shop around you place, you will be depressed with all these grey and khaki stuff in the store.


Maya said...

Now I am wondering if I am wearing that Khaki or gray staff... I must find something which has those purplish and greenish juicy colour! Could be nice to put on my face as well!?

Asem Kiyalova said...

wow! and maybe we could try to make your hair lighter? something similar to Agayness Deyn? I think you style is close to her.

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