Friday, 10 December 2010

This is my top 20 the best web sites design of 2010!

Those sites are good and user friendly:

List of creative web sites:

I love this hand drawn web site! (and animation as well)

Simon's cat

Idea for lead character animation

I was thinking that it could be cool make something similar for presenting my lead character. I will need to create a short animation where I have to show my character's movements and to tell a small story about it. I like that he passed through fall, autumn, spring and summer while on the road. And music is nice too. 

Tangled sketches

Tangled is an animated cartoon by Walt Disney animation studious. It  is largely based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. Toby Shelton was working on this projects as well, he is one of the best living  illustrators i know. He recently has updated his blog with sketches for the cartoon and he says that it was in pre production for really long time and was conceived in just about every way imaginable before becoming the "Tangled". Love those water colour looking sketches even more than final 3D version. And hope that very soon I will get my Wacom Cintiq ^.^

DOX christmas decoration

This is how DOX (centre for contemporary art) was decorated for Christmas! I think it looks great!!! And very attractive! I am considering to go there tomorrow and that is a confirmation that advertising works.   

Chuck Norris and T Mobile campaign


Last week we finished working on "Chuckoleum" project for T Mobile. "Chuckoleum" is a Chuck Norris's temple/museum, where you can see his room and Super Chuck Norris pyjamas, kitchen with cutting board accidentally cut into pieces, chainsaw that Chuck Norris uses to shave and shaving gel HNO3 :) Below is a final piece. It is located on Andel, Prague, Czech Republic and you are welcome to come and have a look.

Web site design for my portfolio

Today I was browsing online portfolio web sites and still I am considering to make the simplest one for me. 
I will not use flash, because it is really annoying to wait when flash web site is loading! 
But it is still have make an impression on visitor, how to make it the simplest way? Online portfolio web site should be easy to access and browse.  

Some samples of web design fails (sorry to say that, but web design doesn't fit their very nice portfolios).
I hope this will be useful to those of you looking to create or reevaluate your portfolio: 

1. Creative team making amazing animation: 
But their web site is very difficult to use :/   
2. Photographer with great style but flash flash flash!!!
I got to see his work only from second time i went there, it was loading really slow.
Navigation bar disappears when you go to 'films' section. 
3. Leoburnett web sites are all outstanding and creative but usability is more important.
4. Portfolio with music :/ How can I stop this music?!!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Check out blog updates!

My intention was to explore blogging, to make my blog more interactive and entertaining. I am happy with the result! Good that I had coding class last year, modification of blog requires knowledge in css and html. I think css is really entertaining! And don't understand people complaining about how boring it is. At first you don't know if it is going to work or you will feel like a dummy. But when you refresh web page and 'Voila!' magic happens! You have Facebook 'I like' button out of combination of numbers and dashes! You feel like you're MegaProgrammer :) 

What's new in my blog?:

- Facebook 'I like' button. Now I can make statistics of how many people like my blog. 
- Blogger orange toolbar is removed from the top of the page. When I was looking at that toolbar I was feeling like I am in 90s. 
- Horizontal navigation bar has been added to the top of the page. It gives an advantage to have several pages and divide content of the blog. 
- Popular posts at the footer is a shortcut to the most popular mosts. 
- I have added two additional pages. 
Those are: 
1. Page with fishes!!! It is a simple gadget where you can watch fishes and even feed them by clicking on aquarium.       
2. Photo album page: There you can enjoy my Flickr Photostream without leaving the blog.

 So, it was very good experience and I had fun! I will keep my eye on Blogger updates and will steal ideas from other blogs :) Enjoy!

IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!+ Slow Mo HD [Despicable Me]

Awesome work by Toby Shelton

Check out his storyboard for Megamind! I haven't watched the cartoon yet. But the storyboard looks quite impressive. Try to compare those roughly drawn little pieces of cartoon to the final super 3D result. I really would like to know why storyboards are always so colourless? Is it made intentionally or at this stage designers haven't decided yet what colours are they going to use? The third theory is, it might be a little trick to make sketch look so raw comparing to the final result, to make bigger impression!   

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