Friday, 10 December 2010

Web site design for my portfolio

Today I was browsing online portfolio web sites and still I am considering to make the simplest one for me. 
I will not use flash, because it is really annoying to wait when flash web site is loading! 
But it is still have make an impression on visitor, how to make it the simplest way? Online portfolio web site should be easy to access and browse.  

Some samples of web design fails (sorry to say that, but web design doesn't fit their very nice portfolios).
I hope this will be useful to those of you looking to create or reevaluate your portfolio: 

1. Creative team making amazing animation: 
But their web site is very difficult to use :/   
2. Photographer with great style but flash flash flash!!!
I got to see his work only from second time i went there, it was loading really slow.
Navigation bar disappears when you go to 'films' section. 
3. Leoburnett web sites are all outstanding and creative but usability is more important.
4. Portfolio with music :/ How can I stop this music?!!!

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