Saturday, 4 June 2011

I love Grace Jones she is not like GAGA!

Vogue cover typography :)

Naty Chabanenko is new Shalom Harlow to me!

Above we can see beautiful features of Naty!
Below we can see gorgeous Shalom! 

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but i say no to freaks like Andrej Pejic to be in fashion!

Come on people! he is a guy! he shouldn't model in women's dress! 

*Made of Bricks* by Kate Nash ^_^ Lovely

Oh Kate! Young Ms.Moss reminds me of Twiggy so much!

Stunning Sophie Dahl on Vogue cover!

This Vogue cover with Sophie Dahl on it is amazing! I love the combination of purple and blue along with elegant thin typeface in gold! It reminds me of 1920s Vogue covers. Those were illustrated and actually hand drawn! Below is one of my favourite visuals in fashion world with Sophie modelling. The mix of beautiful woman body, emotions, ginger and rich blue!       

Cool cover design! (from my lecturer's Mock Duck blog)

Tenerife Tenerife Tenerife!

I am really really really hoping to get there this summer!!!! Oh my god please make me and my lovely person go there for a week at least and enjoy the sun and lovely tall and thin palms!!!! 
It looks like a heaven on google photos!

Belt up is the British for Shut up :)

After a long conversation about the difference between British and American English I became a fun of learning different expressions of both. And I should say it is pretty entertaining! Now I spend my spare time on this site with British - American vocabulary! 

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