Friday, 22 October 2010

Rules for Creating a Great Logo Design

Sunday, 17 October 2010

- amy, is that your own hair? - yeah, hair is mine... coz i bought it!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sweet colour combination

Lately i like how overprint and transparency works with magenta & cyan on white background. That makes such a sweet combination. I like here a purple colour that was made by overlaying these two colours. Play with white space and the way clouds were made could be interesting to try in my own identity design.

Hello Kitty in Dubai, UAE

Right now I'm researching the psychology behind Hello Kitty, how does it affect girls mind. This photo was taken in September this year. I haven't seen any advert of Hello Kitty before. This shows that this brand is popular in UAE.

T-Mobile owning Magenta is not such a bad news actually, i could follow Hello Kitty and collaborate with them :)

Sinatra of our time

Michael Buble on 'First dance' album cover reminds me of Sinatra. Eye contact with potential customer is good solution for cover. And of course good photography sells better. The only thing is missing, i think, is his signature, would look stylish in the corner. Apart from his voice, I love his style and the fact, he kind of seams 'new' even though he makes 'old' music.

Brighten your day, enjoy Buble. He does a great job covering this Sinatra favourite:

I'm inspired! I'm about to go try this!

Daft bodies, hands... whatever, people on youtube are obsessed with that. The other day i found an interactive game helping you to practise. It could be a really successful campaign if it was promoting a product.

One of the comments on Youtube:

I SUCK!!! The beginning is easy, but the middle part is a pain!

i don't know how this could possibly be usefull anyway xD

beware of using... MAGENTA

Hilarious, its like apple would have trademarked white. Love their concept.

Ooo-kkkkey… they’ve copyrighted the colour magneta…

T-mobile USA copyrights colour. Hm, that makes me think that i need to hurry and copyright my own magenta till all of them are picked. At least i can use the next pantone colour along, as in the handy demonstration to the right, there, because as we all know, ONE SHADE of magenta along makes all the difference, and will make it totally obvious you’ve not nicked their logo. A quick search of the The British Patent Office ( and their database of trademarks shows Orange hold the colour orange (pantone 151) as a registered trademark too. I guess in about next 10 years graphic design world will be in need of new colours.
Sorry Barbie & Hello Kitty :-(

Dude, Where's My Car? & Young MC - Bust A Move

Just finished watching Dude, Where's My Car? (2000), what could i say, i've wasted 82 minutes of my day. There is always something good about anything bad. The soundtrack is great, cant stop listening to Young MC, enjoy you too. It is so good for Saturday evening!

Enjoy memorable quotes for the most absurd movie i have seen:

Jesse: Dude, where's my car?
Chester: Where's your car dude?
Jesse: DUDE, where's my car?
Chester: Where's your car dude?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blinded by Cartier lights (>.<)

Last weekend I finally went to Cartier exhibition at Prague Castle. Cartier is a French luxury jeweller and watch manufacturer. Founded on 1847, in Paris. I had an opportunity to admire more than 368 Cartier masterpieces and uncountable amount of diamonds! I was interested in Pathere de Cartier collection. The collection was a new wave in 20th century design. Louis Cartier often was inspired by wild animals, reptiles: panther, snakes and crocodiles. I highly recommend to have a look at this exhibition.

Print collection 'We Are Each Other' by Chris Piascik.

You can order stretched canvases, phone cases, laptop & iPad skins, hoodies and T-shirts with this positive illustration. Graphic design & Illustration are already on a new level of market. Today you can order whatever illustration you want to have it printed on almost everything. Isn't it great to have all of your stationary and accessories in one style, pattern? My dissertation topic slightly covers this area of market. Which has high potential to become wider as soon as internet will move into our cell phones.

Death Cab for cutie - I will follow you into the dark

Pocket Artifact Classification System

'The International Association for Empty Pockets is a worldwide movement dedicated to the end of pocket clutter. Contributions to the Pockets Project will form a communal burial ground for the detritus of everyday life – and mark a new era of freedom for your pants.

Developed by the International Association for Empty Pockets, the Pocket Artifact Classification System encompasses the entire spectrum of pocket, purse, and bag clutter. By organizing contributions into a common system, the Pockets Project seeks to illuminate the objects that share our pockets' darkest corners,' The Pockets Project.


Modest Debauchery №1 Party teaser ( - wonderfully done video. Its softness reminds me of Marie Antoinette.

I wish to work on something like this (^O^)

Smiley cupcake paper cup by Paperchase is my todays discovery. I am researching their collections oriented on teenage girls, what it was influenced by, how does it affect on their target audience and why they are so popular.


Magenta was born near Milan

I dedicate this post to Diva of this blog 'Magenta'. This is how it is described on Wikipedia: 'Magenta is a color evoked by light stronger in blue and red wavelengths than in yellowish-green wavelengths. The name magenta comes from the dye magenta, commonly called fuchsine, discovered shortly after the 1859 Battle of Magenta (from the color of the land all covered by the blood) at Magenta, Italy near Milan.'


Little Dog Laughed

Charming illustrations of dogs on the postcard is the best way to say 'Hello' to your friend from abroad. Love the colour palette. This type of 'Sweet blue' matches warm colours the best way. Made by The Little Dog Laughed.

Available at 'The paperie', British stationery retailer.

Vernisage at NAU GALLERY

Today I had a very inspiring trip to NAU GALLERY with mates. The exhibition place is not big, that makes it cozy. It was good to see creative talents growing in Prague. This work below is worth paying attention to. I like the play of shadow and the way animal is hiding in this shadow. Each of us would see it differently. I think this horse is shy, he doesn't feel confident when rays are so close to him. But cyan colour calms him down and he's doing his first steps.
Work by Vaclav Misar.

Monday, 4 October 2010

#1 to add to my wishlist

Digipop by Karim Rashid for sure is the best thing to read for magenta lovers. Guess why? He hates black, and he is #1 fan of "RGB (255, 0, 255)". He doesn't believe in history, loves evolution and can't wait for the day when we all gonna be 50% synthetic and artificial.

(available on Amazon for $7.66)


Very first one! ^_^

Hello! My name is Asem. This is my new blog. I love magenta as much as I love design. Everything here is going be about this two things. So, wish me good luck and I'll promise to update you with all news from magenta life!

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