Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vernisage at NAU GALLERY

Today I had a very inspiring trip to NAU GALLERY with mates. The exhibition place is not big, that makes it cozy. It was good to see creative talents growing in Prague. This work below is worth paying attention to. I like the play of shadow and the way animal is hiding in this shadow. Each of us would see it differently. I think this horse is shy, he doesn't feel confident when rays are so close to him. But cyan colour calms him down and he's doing his first steps.
Work by Vaclav Misar.


Dalma said...

I went to this exhibit the other day too!:)

Asem Kiyalova said...

never knew that it is so difficult to meet a person who lives at the same city where you do! hope to meet u, hm.. someday :/ )))

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