Monday, 25 July 2011

lovely identity for lovely honey ^^

Collectible Blythe dolls

Hello Kitty toy

Minimalistic Google doodle by Willie Real

Miffy MP3 player ^^

Frenzied Beast Barbershop Brand Identity by Lindsey Chambers

"the bears school" lovely web site illustrations

Enjoy beautiful illustrations here.

Paneria campaign by Kaspen / Jung von Matt

lovely campaign by Kaspen / Jung von Matt Czech republic

Monday, 18 July 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah reminds me of my Almaty ^^

Today I was browsing web and found out that Salt Lake City in Utah looks just like my hometown Almaty, Kazakhstan :) Both are surrounded with mountains and have similar architecture.
I know Salt Lake City from 2002 Winter Olympics and Almaty submitted its bid for the 2014 Olympics to the International Olympic Committee but unfortunately didn't win. Almaty placed fourth overall, and would have been eligible for the shortlist as it had cleared the benchmark for some categories. However, IOC president Jacques Rogge commented that in the process of shortlisting in order to determine an Olympic Host City, what matters was 'not quantity, but the quality' of the overall bids. Although Almaty presented a good bid, it was implied that it was not as feasibly up-to-par as the three that were selected to enter the shortlist. Despite this Almaty is considering a bid for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. I was happy to notice this similarity it gives me hope that Almaty will held Winter Olympics in the near future! 
You can see how similar they are: Salt Lake City photos on the top and Almaty below :) 

And have a look at the logos for Olympics:

Kawaii! Google Doodle logo by Murakami

These two doodles were designed by Takashi Murakami's team Kaikai Kiki in honor of the summer solstice, the longest day of year! I was so happy to see them this morning when I open my google page :) I loved rainbow gradient on the letters at the first one. Love the way  emotions been illustrated on two characters and stylised snowflakes at the second one!

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