Friday, 3 December 2010

Check out blog updates!

My intention was to explore blogging, to make my blog more interactive and entertaining. I am happy with the result! Good that I had coding class last year, modification of blog requires knowledge in css and html. I think css is really entertaining! And don't understand people complaining about how boring it is. At first you don't know if it is going to work or you will feel like a dummy. But when you refresh web page and 'Voila!' magic happens! You have Facebook 'I like' button out of combination of numbers and dashes! You feel like you're MegaProgrammer :) 

What's new in my blog?:

- Facebook 'I like' button. Now I can make statistics of how many people like my blog. 
- Blogger orange toolbar is removed from the top of the page. When I was looking at that toolbar I was feeling like I am in 90s. 
- Horizontal navigation bar has been added to the top of the page. It gives an advantage to have several pages and divide content of the blog. 
- Popular posts at the footer is a shortcut to the most popular mosts. 
- I have added two additional pages. 
Those are: 
1. Page with fishes!!! It is a simple gadget where you can watch fishes and even feed them by clicking on aquarium.       
2. Photo album page: There you can enjoy my Flickr Photostream without leaving the blog.

 So, it was very good experience and I had fun! I will keep my eye on Blogger updates and will steal ideas from other blogs :) Enjoy!


Maya said...

COOL! I saw photo album too.They look so nice! Keep going :)) Let's go shooting next time with new camera hopefully!

Asem said...

Arigatou! I really want to take some photos of snow in Prague, Prague is so fary-talish now! Staromestska is just wonderful at night with all these lights and market :) i need to find a gap between study and school :) But i will! I promise!

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